Computer Science

These great teachers don’t know I exist, but they taught me how to code, online, from scratch:

  1. Prof. John Gutag at Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Introduction to Computer Science and Programming
    • It was during one of the assignments on this course that I conceived the idea of Babtun’s Ayo
    • Programming language: Python
  2. Julie Zelenski at Stanford University: Programming Abstractions
    • This course is a prerequisite for Developing iOS11 Apps with Swift.
    • Programming language: C++
  3. Prof. Eric Roberts at Stanford University, author of this 1,000-page(!)  textbook: Programming Abstractions in C++.
    • This is the textbook for Julie Zelenski’s course.
  4. Paul Hegarty at Stanford University: Developing iOS 11 Apps with Swift
    • This is the main course. It is excellent.
    • Programming language: Swift
  5. Prof. Jennifer Widom at Stanford University: Databases
    • Programming languages: SQL, XML, JSON, XPath, XQuery and XSLT
  6. Neal Hirsig at Tufts University: 3D Design – Blender

I am very grateful to them for their truly excellent teaching. I am also grateful to these universities for putting the courses online, free of charge:

Finally, I would like to thank my good friends at for setting the ball rolling by sending me the link to Prof. Gutag’s course when I expressed a desire to learn how to code.

Babtun’s Ayo

This app would not have made it to the App Store in six languages without the help of the following people:

  • Atsushi Itabashi, for the Japanese translation and beta testing
  • Dominique Marcellesi, for beta testing and exhaustive feedback, including improvements to my French translation
  • Fadi Mousa, for the Arabic translation
  • Mariana Ferreira, for the Portuguese translation
  • Marta Pontiveros Carrion, for improvements to my Spanish translation
  • Sam Jackson, for introducing me to Mariana

Getting people to download beta versions and give feedback was more difficult than I imagined. These people did (in addition to Atsusuhi and Dominique): Beatriz De La Iglesia and Michael Gyapong, Ghislaine, Neil Thomas, Peju Dafe, Remi Adeseun, Saleem Khatri, Susan Palmer, Thalita and Wole Sanwo.

Babtun’s Ayo 2

Bimbola Rotimi and John Adegoke gave me helpful feedback while beta testing version 2 (play online, on iPhone or iPad).

Babtun’s Ayo 3

I am grateful to Andrew Whitefield and Grandma Betty Swan for helping me understand that playing ayo online is a good way for adult grandchildren to stay in touch with grandparents.

Andrew also gave me helpful feedback on the app itself and invited me to my first direct marketing community event.

Amazon Web Services Activate Builders program gave me $1,000 in Promotional Credit, an amount that covers the cost of hosting this website for two years.

Thank you very much all of you.